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Too much candy gonna rot your soul

Wow… it’s been a really really long time! Sorry!

Anyway. The recent trend in lolita fashion has been sweets. I tried to resist for the longest time, but the sweets bug finally bit me as well. This is pretty logical though, since I AM a sweet lolita!

I also apparently enjoy arranging them for photos…
Anyway, the major brands for sweets jewelry in Japan are Ribbon Holic (which the necklace and hair clip pictured above are from, I just love them), Ribbon x Ribbon, Melonwhip, etc. Some of these brands are actually still pretty hard to find in Nagoya, and even in Osaka. I don’t really know about Tokyo. You have to look at select shops; in Nagoya, I’ve only found a modicum of items at select shops Bellino and Kick Out (which also carries the only Swimmer items that I’ve found here). You can also find a lot of these brands online; for example chocomint delivers, as usual.

These brands are kind of overpriced in my opinion. Their products are ridiculously cute of course, and high quality for what they are, but I actually think some of the artists who make their own are just as good, and much much cheaper.
Personally I am a fan of Ashlee, who is getting to be quite well-known as the go-to girl for reasonably priced adorable sweets goods. I recently commissioned her for a headband similar to the ones Melonwhip did for Kera magazine, because I couldn’t find them in any stores, and the result is just lovely:
(photo credit goes to Ashlee)

I decided to try my hand at making sweets because I wanted to deco my DS lite, but all the cases you find are really expensive. I thought, NO WAY am I paying $40 for that! And so I went out and got some supplies to make my own sweets.
There are actually a million options for kits, parts, and other things for making sweets in Japan because it’s quite the trend– not just for lolitas, but for everyone! Gyaru, junior high school girls, even some boys are going the deco route. As for the kits, I’m really happy with the “accessory wo tsukurou!” kit. I immediately made several cute little things. It was so easy!
The “icing” made by the same brand leaves something to be desired. I got the standard caulk-type icing as well, but not a proper tip for it, and as a result made several huge messes and ended up wasting half of my resources!! In the end it might have been cheaper to just buy a premade one, but I’m not going to give up! I have all these little paper-clay cookies and stuff, I have to do something with them… hahahaha….
I guess the moral of this story is that these things are harder to make than you might think xD