About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve lived in Nagoya for about 17 months, and I lived in Osaka previously. I have a degree in history and plan to return to graduate school eventually to get my Ph.D, probably in world history or military history. Other than history, I like reading, drawing, taking long walks (no, really), shopping (the Japanese national past-time), and of course fashion, especially Lolita. I’m into designer fashion outside of lolita, and my favourite designers are Chanel, Versace, and of course Westwood.
Music is also a huge part of my life– my favourite band is Dir en grey. Aside from them I also enjoy Mika, EAT YOU ALIVE, Muse, and Keane.

To learn more about Lolita fashion, please check EGL, the largest/most active English-language Lolita community.


One response to “About Me

  1. Hello (:
    I love to read your blog, I’m a beginner in lolita fashion and oh God, you must be living a dream! I wonder which is your name, or how old are you because wow, a degree in history! awesome 😀
    Absolutely bookmarking this page,
    greetings from Mexico!

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